Tips on How to Keep Your Dryer in Tip-Top Shape

Posted On April 21, 2022

How long should your dryer be expected to last? Consumer reports suggest ten years. Regular dryer maintenance can extend the life of the equipment by up to 25 years. However, 17 percent of people had problems with their dryers within the first 5 years.

We all purchase home appliances in the hope that they will endure a long time. It’s inconvenient to have to fix your dryer on a frequent basis. It’s much more stressful if you’ve recently purchased a new dryer. Here are some tips on dryer maintenance to keep you from googling “ electric range repair near me”.

Observe Dryer Maintenance Instructions

Manuals are your key resource for learning how to care for your dryer. The manuals provide information on setup, maintenance, and the proper load size.

If this is your first time using the dryer, the instructions are excellent training tools. So, why are manuals required?

  • Procedures aid in the avoidance of differences in the installation of your appliance.
  • Ensures that your gadget is cared for consistently.
  • It instructs you on how to use a device to its full potential.
  • Aids in the resolution of questions and replies
  • Special standards for dryer maintenance and upkeep are provided.

The manuals are available online or in hard copy from the company. The handbook recommendations below will assist you in preventing damage or breakage of your dryer machine.

Don’t overburden your drying machine.

Stuffing the dryer is a frequent source of failure. Each dryer has a unique capacity. Find out what the min and max limits are for your dryer.

Do you want to know why stuffing the dryer is risky?

  • Increases the amount of lint in the trap:
  • Higher lint levels obstruct the airflow. The dryer’s motor overheats, resulting in burnout: Overloading overworks the machine, causing it to overheat.
  • The belt, pulley assembly, and spindle bearings are all harmed.

Overloading the dryer also results in longer drying times and higher electricity bills.

By not overloading your dryer, you can keep it from exploding or breaking.

Properly clean the drum and lint

Simply because the dryer has a lint trap does not mean there is no lint. Lint accumulates in the dryer on a daily basis. If it collects for an extended period of time, it can cause damage to your dryer or possibly a fire.

How can I clear the lint from my dryer?

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the lint filter at least 2 times a year.
  • Dry the gap between the dryer’s drum and the door with a vacuum.
  • Remove the outdoor exhaust on the side of your property.

It’s admirable that you try to maintain the lint filter as clean as possible. Inspect it as frequently as possible to ensure that it is clean. Keep the drying machine from becoming overloaded. It contributes to the high lint production.

Replace the Ventilation Ducts

The vent ducts on most dryers are composed of aluminum or plastic. The material is intended to provide ease in the replacement of vent ducts. The ducts are inexpensive and widely available. Furthermore, they are straightforward to set up. The main issue, though, is that they are not safe to use.

The lightweight ducts are easily smashed and, if made of plastic, can even melt. Such factors contribute to dryer overheating, which might harm the dryer.

If the dryer overheats, the chance of starting a fire increases.

So, how do you prevent such risks? Metal ducts should be used in place of flexible ducts.

  • The following are indications that your ventilation ducts need to be replaced.
  • If the drying time is getting longer and longer,
  • When the dryer or the clothes become overheated
  • The dryer emits a burning odor.
  • The vent flap tries desperately to open.
  • If it’s been more than a year since the last replacement

Change and examine your ventilation duct on a regular basis to keep it from melting or breaking. If you change the ventilation duct but still have the problems listed above, you should have it repaired.

Ensure the Dryer’s Stability While in Use

Dryers, like washers, can lose their stability. Instability can result from improper load distribution.

If the dryer’s application is frequently in an unstable condition, various sections of the dryer may fail. Why? Irregular positioning of the dryer is caused by the dryer’s unstable location.

The issue is simple to resolve. How? You can shake your dryer to guarantee that the load is distributed evenly. Also, make sure your dryer is in a stable position. If you discover that the dryer is still unstable, you can add support.

Don’t Throw Everything in the Dryer

The dryers are just meant to dry fabric and nothing else. Some people satisfy their curiosity by attempting to place inappropriate items such as toys, bags, or wigs. Don’t ruin your dryer by playing the trial and error game. The dryer is only for drying fabrics. When not in use, keep the dryer’s door closed.

Pets can consider the dryer their home in some circumstances. It can have negative repercussions. Do you want to know more about the best material to use in your dryer? We have one more suggestion for you.

Don’t Leave Your Vent Open

Don’t leave the vent space open on the outside without enclosing it with a screen. Typically, the vent area is warm. As a result, it may attract animals such as birds to inhabit it. Birds can make a home in space during the winter months. The presence of birds or rodents in the vent duct endangers your dryer. It obstructs normal air circulation and causes the dryer engine to overheat. It might also bring unwelcome housemates into your home. Keep the vent area covered with the screen to ensure optimal dryer maintenance.

Last Thoughts

Dryers have aided in the transition of life by allowing for faster wash operations and the protection of your items. You don’t want to return to hanging your washing outside or pay the additional costs of purchasing a new dryer. Avoid overloads, close the vent gap, and clean the unit to ensure good dryer maintenance. It will assist to lengthen the life of the dryer.

Owning an appliance can be a big pain, especially if you’re not sure what the problem is. Hiring an appliance repair specialist with a comprehensive list of reasons and solutions can save you a lot of time and money. You can find electric range repair near you, with the help of AMPM Appliances.