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Our Advantages

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Appliance Repair and Service with Excellence
AMPM Appliance Service is a repair/service company in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.
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Licensed and Insured
We are licensed and insured in California and all our technicians are certified.
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Knowledge and Expertise
ALL of our service technicians have well over 20 years of experience. Working with ALL types of appliances.
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All Makes And Models
We service all makes and models of all appliances you need assistance with.
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Fair Price with No Hidden Charges
The service call fee is waived if we do the work. There is no extra cost for Saturday or Holiday service calls. We always have someone on call 24/7, 365 days a year.
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Local Small Business
Our service technicians can reach you from multiple locations in Northridge, Thousand Oaks, Santa Clarita and Pasadena.

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Fast Quality Service At A Fair & Competitive Price

AMPM Appliances Service and Repair is a family-owned small business.

We are one of Southern California’s oldest service and repair companies. Being in business since the early 90’s; we carry a very experienced and knowledgeable group of technicians. Several of our service technicians have been with us from the beginning (over 25 years). We have also enjoyed a wide variety of repeat cliental.You can count on our Appliance Repair man for a quick solution.

Our company is licensed and insured, and all of our service technicians are certified. We repair all makes and models of home appliances.

We strive to make any and all home repairs/maintenance/services as convenient as possible, for ALL our customers. Our offices are open Monday thru Sunday and there is NO additional charge for Weekend/Holiday work. We offer substantial discounts for senior citizens and apartment building owners.

Customer Testimonials

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My family has been using this company for years. They repaired for us and helped to maintain in good condition pretty much all types of home appliances - the washer and dryer, several fridges, the stove, the A/C unit - you name it! When our kids grow up and move out of the house, I'm sure they will continue relying on this company to keep their appliances in working order.
Jenny W., Tarzana
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Punctual, showed up on time. Good thing, too, because it's not comfortable without a heater in Winter, even in SoCal! After examining the unit, Alex - the technician - has explained in detail what the malfunction is, and what is involved in fixing it. I appreciate him taking time answering my questions and making sure I did understand exactly what am I paying for! Luckily, the replacement parts were on hand, and I'm a happy camper again with the working central heater. Will do business again!
Gary E. Hamilton, Newhall
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Had a misfortune to contract several so-called "repairmen" before coming across these guys. They know their stuff - fixed my leaking A/C unit on the first try! This is the real deal!
Carl Martinez, Burbank
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These guys are real pros! Very accurate, attentive to detail. Not only they did not track any dirt into the house (despite light rain today), but also cleaned up the area around the washer after the job was done. Thank you!
Melinda Christine Ruiz, Moorpark

Meet our most distinguished and skilled technicians

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