Common Refrigerator Problems

Posted On February 10, 2021

Refrigerators are one of the hardest working appliances in the house, they are working 24/7 as they don’t shut down. Due to the continuous wear and tear of this appliance, it is bound to show up with some problems. However, if your refrigerator is around a decade old it would probably be better to buy a new one. It is easy to identify the problems though if you choose to add some years to it. Here we have some of the common refrigerator problems that you might face. 

Constantly Cycling

There can be many problems that may arise in your refrigerator. However one of the most common problems is cycling. Your fridge runs all day long to maintain the temperature in your unit for all the food stored in it. Having the refrigerator running all day long can get too noisy. On top of that because of the constant cycling, your energy bill will significantly increase. After all, the refrigerator is one of the most power-intensive appliances in the house. The most common reason why the refrigerator keeps cycling constantly is the dust and debris that gets collected around the condenser coils of the fridge. You can check this by removing the power to the refrigerator and checking the coils which are located at the bottom of the unit. However, even after cleaning the coils if the problem still lasts your fridge temperature may be set too low.

Water Leakage

Another common problem with the refrigerator is the leaking water. This is usually caused when your defrost drain is blocked or your water supply line has been frozen or clogged. The defrost drain in your fridge can be accessed from within your freezer and can easily be blocked by some food debris. The debris could be small enough that you could flush it down the drain using warm water but you may need to remove some yourself. If you do think it is your water supply line that is clogged or frozen then you would have to remove power from your unit and make sure there are no cracks or tears in the water supply line. If there is, you would have to get it replaced. 

Ice Buildup In Your Freezer

Ice buildup in your freezer is not a nice thing. Even though ice is meant to be stored in the freezer having a significant ice buildup suddenly is a problem. This is usually caused when you leave the freezer open for a long time. So make sure to close your freezer whenever you are done using it to prevent ice buildup. Another reason why you may have an ice buildup could be because of a faulty seal. This could allow the air to enter into the freezer causing humidity to rise. All you would need to do is replace the seal on the freezer to fix the issue.

Water Dispenser Doesn’t Work

If you have a new refrigerator or a modern-day one you would have a built-in water dispenser. There could be many reasons why one may not work though. The water tub where the water gets stored before dispensing may be frozen. This way the water would not be able to flow through. But it is very easy to fix this. All you need to do is remove it and let it thaw this will allow the water to flow through again. Another reason this problem might come is because of a defective water inlet valve. This is what allows the water to go to the dispenser, if this is broken the water won’t go through. You may also get low pressure if not all of the water goes through the valve. 

Refrigerator Is Warm

If your refrigerator is producing excess heat it won’t be able to work as it’s supposed to. Refrigerators are supposed to keep your food cold. If you do feel your refrigerator is warm it would mean that something is most likely wrong with the condenser coils. Clean the condenser coils first and also check the condenser fan motor to see if anything is wrong with it. However, this can be difficult sometimes and it would be helpful to get some professional refrigerator repair in Pasadena for this.

Fridge Is Too Noisy

It is normal for your Refrigerator to make some noise but if your fridge begins making too much noise that it interrupts your daily life then something may be wrong with it. It is most likely that there are some problems with the fans in the refrigerator. You would need to look at both the condenser fan and the evaporator fan in this case. Both the fans run at the same speed so if there is an issue with either one of them your fridge could be making the loud noise that it is. Take a look at the fans if you see that any of their motors appears to be broken the fridge will likely be making a louder noise. 

Increases Energy Bill

Keeping your refrigerator properly maintained will also help you save money. This is because if your fridge has problems it would likely cause it to use more energy which would result in it having your energy bill increase a lot more. This is because the fridge is after all the one appliance in your home which is on all the time. The way the fridge functions alone can determine your home’s average energy use. This mostly occurs with old refrigerators as they must use extra energy to survive during cold temperatures. It is best to get a new refrigerator however if you want to fix it up you could call an appliance repair company to come to help you.