Kitchen appliances repair in Simi valley

A guide to saving money on big-ticket appliances

Posted On September 26, 2022

Repair or Replace it? : A guide to saving money on big-ticket appliances Appliances are expensive, and it can be tempting to try to repair them if they stop working properly. However, if you’re not sure the appliance is worth...
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Dishwasher Organizing and Maintenance

Are Dishwasher Pods Good for your Appliances?

Posted On July 28, 2022

Dishes are a part of our daily lives, but we don’t always have the time or energy to wash them by hand. If you’re looking for an easy way to clean your dishes without having to scrub everything manually, dishwasher...
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3 Signs That Your Dishwasher Needs Tending To

Posted On June 29, 2022

Dishwashers are a wonderful invention – they save us time and effort, and it’s easy to take themfor granted. But sometimes, things go wrong. If you’ve noticed your dishwasher leaking or actingup in other ways, you might be wondering about...
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6 Common Causes of a Leaky Dishwasher & Solutions

Posted On April 26, 2022

Have you been worried about your leaking dishwasher? If you find yourself mopping pools of water from beneath your dishwasher on a daily basis, it’s vital to get it fixed. Don’t assume you’ll need to buy a new one –...
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AmPm best appliance repair service provider in Los Angeles.

Tips on How to Keep Your Dryer in Tip-Top Shape

Posted On April 21, 2022

How long should your dryer be expected to last? Consumer reports suggest ten years. Regular dryer maintenance can extend the life of the equipment by up to 25 years. However, 17 percent of people had problems with their dryers within...
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microwave repair in Santa clarita.

What’s going on with your Microwave

Posted On February 21, 2022

Have you ever wondered how often to replace your Microwave? Something as sturdy as a microwave is thought to be indestructible. We hardly ever think to replace it or repair it if it doesn’t work as well as we first...
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Washer repairing services at AmPm Appliances

When Do You Need Appliance Repair

Posted On August 13, 2021

Like most things in your home, your appliances can bear traditional wear and tear and wish to be repaired or replaced—especially those you utilize daily. Whereas there’s no universal period for each major appliance in your home, most can last...
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11 Tips For Refrigerator Maintenance

Posted On July 14, 2021

Refrigerators are hardworking appliances that run 24/7. But other than clearing out smelly food, how much time did you devote to refrigerator maintenance last year? If you want your fridge to live its entire life, typically 13 years, you need...
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