3 Ways You Know It’s Time For Appliance Repair?

Posted On June 13, 2019

Yep, it broke again. If you have the same luck as me (Dear God I hope you don’t) it was right when it was most inconvenient or stressful for you. It never breaks when you have unallocated money in the bank or need an excuse to not attend that event your coworker pressured you into in front of all those people who’d think you’re not fun if you said no. Nope, it’s when you’re in a hurry, broke as a joke, and being on the edge of sanity has just become the new normal. It’s not going to be easy but maybe it can be easier than replacing it. Here are 4 ways you know it’s time for appliance service repair.

1. Water is spilling out

This is never supposed to happen but depending on the machine it could be much much worse. If water is powering out the dryer for instance then you have a serious problem that may require a priest first and a repairman second. If that’s the case then it may be time to call the repairman. (Or the local priest for an exorcism.)

Water coming out of your appliances may be something simple or it could be something serious. Either way, how is it not best to let a professional take a look at it first? Then even if it was something benign or simple you can have them do a once over or even recommend the type of maintenance the appliance might require.

2. Someone says “I can Fix it!”

Those are some terrifying words coming from the household dad. Even if you’re all just roommates we all know who this guy/gal is (Yes, a lady can be the household dad.) If anything ever breaks down they’re immediately there just excited about the chance to pull some tools out and start taking things apart. It’s like they were waiting for the moment. (Maybe they broke it so they can fix it.) At best they make you help them by holding the flashlight or handing them things you don’t recognize, and at worst the appliance is unrecognizable and the living room looks like a junkyard of parts and a screw that you’ve been told must’ve been extra.

As much as they want to help and may be able to do so, it’s still best that you call the appliance repair technician. A professional can have the problem solved faster and in some cases, they’ll let you know if the bit you’re working on happens to be under warranty. As an added bonus you don’t have to stand around and hold the light for them.

3. You Just Have to Hit the Side And It’ll Work

You’ve grown accustomed to the “quirks” that your appliance has developed. Whenever it starts to grind you just have to bang on the side a few times and it’ll be fine. Maybe it’s that you have to tape the dryer door shut or it’ll make an awful racket.

This is another moment where you’ve probably put off getting it repaired or getting a new one of whatever quirky appliance you have and it’s probably for a variety of reasons. It could be that you’re so busy that you just can’t deal with it right now. Or if you’re like me you hate using it but the second you walk away you forget about it until you have to use it again. Either way, if this is your experience you’ll want to look into getting your appliance repaired.


All joking aside if you have an appliance in your home that’s not functioning as it should you need to seek out repairs. By letting it go unrepaired you run the risk of damaging the appliance even more than it already is and in some cases causing severe damage to your house and possibly even your family. Don’t wait to get an appliance repair technician!