Washer repairing services at AmPm Appliances

Signs Your Washer Needs Repair

Posted On September 30, 2020

Using the washer over time can sometimes cause problems in it. Sooner or later it’s going to end up with something that needs to be fixed. In most cases, you can figure out what the problem is and call someone...
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Tips for Owning and Cleaning Your Washer and Dryer

Posted On December 19, 2019

If you own a washer and dryer then there you probably dread the day when it’s time to do laundry and it just doesn’t work anymore. It may start making a sounder weirder than the sound it made when you...
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Best Appliance Repair in Los Angeles, CA

What is the Average Life Expectancy of a Refrigerator?

Posted On October 23, 2019

If you’ve ever had to purchase a large appliance, then you’ve wondered. ” When am I going to replace it?” That reaction is beyond normal when you’re spending as much money as you will spend on a large appliance. This...
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Is It Better to Fix a Dryer or Buy a New One?

Posted On October 17, 2019

Owning appliances will always come with the inherent risk that the appliance will breakdown at one point or another. There’s no way around that and it’s just part of owning any appliances. The problem comes up when the appliance breaks down....
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Want To Know How Much an Appliance Repairman Costs?

Posted On October 17, 2019

Appliance repair is not particularly easy to pin down under a single banner and say “That’s how much it cost”.There’s a variety of reasons and more than a few ways that you as a customer can reduce your cost. There are...
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Laundry knob

3 Reasons A Professional Should Fix Your Appliances

Posted On May 8, 2019

“Don’t call someone. I’ll fix it.” Those are two sentences that when paired, ran a touch rampant in my home. There were plenty of days and evenings spent holding the flashlight (never in the right place) while my dad worked...
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