Washer repairing services at AmPm Appliances

When Do You Need Appliance Repair

Posted On August 13, 2021

Like most things in your home, your appliances can bear traditional wear and tear and wish to be repaired or replaced—especially those you utilize daily. Whereas there’s no universal period for each major appliance in your home, most can last...
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11 Tips For Refrigerator Maintenance

Posted On July 14, 2021

Refrigerators are hardworking appliances that run 24/7. But other than clearing out smelly food, how much time did you devote to refrigerator maintenance last year? If you want your fridge to live its entire life, typically 13 years, you need...
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7 Signs Your Appliance Needs Repair

Posted On June 15, 2021

The main issue with these appliance repair issues is that many homeowners don’t recognize the common symptoms that can lead to serious appliance issues, leading to undiagnosed appliance problems that worsen with time. Here are 7 signs your appliance needs...
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Appliance Care And Maintenance Tips

Posted On March 23, 2021

If you want your appliance to last a long time, it is a known fact that proper care and maintenance will help you with that. Taking care of your appliances, no matter how small the detail, may help make the...
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Common Refrigerator Problems

Posted On February 10, 2021

Refrigerators are one of the hardest working appliances in the house, they are working 24/7 as they don’t shut down. Due to the continuous wear and tear of this appliance, it is bound to show up with some problems. However,...
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10 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional

Posted On January 21, 2021

Whenever your machine breaks down you always try to fix it yourself however sometimes it is better to leave it to the professional. Even after you repair it once it still might break down. You can’t take back the money...
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Reasons Why Your Dryer Takes Too Long

Posted On January 4, 2021

Is your dryer taking too long to dry? There could be many different reasons for this but the main concern is ending up with a buildup of wet clothes. To fix this look at the issues. You could have a...
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Washer repairing services at AmPm Appliances

Common Appliance Problems In Your Home

Posted On November 24, 2020

Home appliances are an important part of any home. These machines are designed to make our lives easier, so it can be very inconvenient when one breaks down. Whenever any of your appliances may break due to any reason the...
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How Winter Affects Your Appliances

Posted On November 10, 2020

During Winter the cold temperature can affect your appliances a lot more than you think about it. This can damage your appliances a lot. During these cold months, the cold and harsh temperature causes some appliances to be covered in...
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Bosch Dishwasher repair in thousand oaks

Common Reasons You Have a Leaking Dishwasher

Posted On October 27, 2020

A dishwasher is very helpful and you don’t appreciate how convenient it is until something goes wrong. Especially during winters if something goes wrong then you will have to wash all the dishes by hand. If your dishwasher suddenly starts...
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